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Hakuna Matata  -  People behind the Pixels
Hakuna Matata
Draenor (EU) - 136 users
Hakuna Matata
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Mission Statement


This is the most important word for us as a Guild. 'We killed that big, nasty bugger', 'We were all wetting ourselves with laughter when...', 'We are getting ready to go do...'

'We' matter. We, the people sitting behind the screens (as opposed to the game characters) and we want to create a place for like-minded people to have fun together, in and around the games that interest us.

Although we started as a WoW guild, we want to grow beyond being an in game guild and become an online community where people can have a laugh together, have a chat, share interests and discuss what's on their mind.

We want to be a part of your on-line life and you to be a part of yours, we want to get to know you and we want to have you along for our next epic adventure. That is our mission.

About Us

[HM] is a virtual online community based in Europe. We have existed in quite a few different games over the years, our focus these days is in World of Warcraft & Wildstar.

We’ve come a long way in the last few years and learnt some hard lessons which have helped us find our sense of self and what we’d like to achieve. While we’re social, family folks we also have ambition to do our best, and get there together as a team. We are a community consisting of a wide variety of gamers. We aren’t defined by age, gender, or nationality as players.

We don't do drama, we're all grown up and although we all act like kids, we're mature. Physical age means very little on the internet, anyone acting like a spoilt kid simply won't fit in our community. In a diverse community like ours, we get folks from all walks of life, each with their own likes, dislikes and opinions - appreciate them, debate differences with them but above all respect them.

First and foremost we are a social guild, this means you have to be social – both in game and on our website. Let us get to know you! even the mad bits :) and get to know us. We all share a passion for online gaming that we can take part in together.

We're proud of our guild tag and don't tolerated folks making us look bad, we ask that you treat folks around you the way you want to be treated, it makes for a much better atmosphere and makes whatever game we're all playing that much more enjoyable.

As with anything in life, you only get what you put in. We actively encourage folks to join in, take part, throw idea’s in the pot. We’re creating a community and a silent community is no community at all.

So whatever your style: if you are easy going with a mature outlook and a cracking sense of humour looking for a place to call home with like minded mad folk to tackle anything that gets thrown at us and be proud of the community we all contribute to - then HM is the place for you.