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ViibouThanks for turning up for M+ night. Hope everyone gets some lovely loot tomorrow.
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Aurna   Thanks for popping it up and getting all of us sorted!
Kablammonome   Yep thanks for organising was fun
Viibou   the joy of Upper Karazhan +8 in my chest
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Aurna   Thank you so much Jen X
Beliadin   Thanks, Jen
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Aurna   Thanks Vii, muchly appreciated x
Beliadin   Thank you
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Beliadin   Well, thank you too
Aurna   :p
AurnaToday, we lost Chester Bennington from Linkin Park to suicide, brought on by depression, and because of that I just want to reach out and say a few things.

As the frontman of Linkin Park, Chester was a staple of my playlist in my 20's. Like them or hate them, they reached a lot of people and the world is worse off for the loss today. We have all lost people we've looked up to, laughed with and been inspired by over the last few years, people such as Chester, Robin Williams or David Bowie all left me feeling sad when they passed on. These folks; although I didn't know them personally, really touched my life.

Normally we don't mention things like this on the website or Discord in anything other than passing. Maybe the occassional 'RIP', but in general we stick to safe, gamey, topics. Why? I have no idea, but I want to take a moment and just say that at some point we're all affected by things like sadness, depression or even just a feeling of being overwhelmed and this guild wants to be a place where there is also space for that side of life.

We are a community, small and based around a game but over the years I have gotten to know so many of you as people and I treasure that. I would hate for any of you to feel that you're alone and have no one to reach out to when you're having a bad day. While I can't promise I'll have the answers or even understand everything completely I can promise you that I'll listen without judgement and always have time should you need someone to talk to. I also know that its not just me willing to listen.

So, If you're having a bad day, need space to clear your mind or just would like a real conversation so you don't feel so alone: Please reach out. It's about the people behind those pixels.
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Avet   Thank you, dear Mel, for this post. I didn't listen to Linkin Park, but I can relate. Chris Cornell's fate was another one that got me thinking and feeling empathy even more. I don't have words of wisdom, I can only say that I'm here too, for anyone that needs an ear to listen, an heart that will understand.

For you my dear, I have this song (it's not Linkin Park one, but it is special). [link]
Aurna   Thank you for the thoughts, for being there and the song. I really liked it and hadn't heard it before x
Khable   Was on a concert this weekend where a friend of mine played Soundgardens Pretty Noose on his own on an upright bass. Man that one really touched me ... RIP to the legends.
AurnaHuge Happy Birthday Avet from us all!
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Bloodzi   [link]
Avet   Thank you, boys :). Hyper, it was indeed an amazing day, truly amazing. Kristijane, hvala mnogo na pesmi :) (Kristijan, thank you so much for the song).
Skuush   Happy Bday Avet!!x
ViibouHappy Birthday matey
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Bloodzi   That "treat" sounds a little bit dodgy. :)
All the best to you, mate! :D
Mishki   Happy birthday mate, sorry for being late, just me head burning, prolly need to see a doctor! :D
Skuush   Thanks all!
ViibouHappy Birthday Hyper(I think its today)
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Telás   Happy birthday mate!
Aurna   Huge belated (sorry!) Happy Birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day!
Bloodzi   Best wishes, mate! :)
AurnaIn the event Disco doesn't work due to their part for Net Neutrality ([link] we'll be using Curse/Twitch as backup. It's the same client you update your addons for Wow with.

Open it, click the Home button and under the two purple buttons is a tiny grey link - click that and paste our join code to find us.

Join code:
AurnaHM is recruiting in 1 Ranged DPS for our battle in Tomb of Sargeras!. We'd like if possible a Hunter (BM or MM) or an Ele Shammy, although other classes (Mage/Warlock) are fine too - all depends on the fit of the personality - we'd rather have the right person than the right class!

If you meet anyone on your travels you think would be an awesome fit please ask them to either make an application or to poke Chris, Bel or Aurn!

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Aurna   We're actually now recruiting 2 ranged peeps!
BeliadinHappy Birthday, Aurn!
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Avet   Happy birthday, dear :). I was thinking about you this whole day... I sincerely hope you are well and that you're having an awesome day. /love
Avet   Oh, forgot to say, have an awesome cake... and... screw it... have many pieces of it, Just screw the calories, you've earned it.
Aurna   Thanks all <3 Had a lovely day completed with a chocolate cake that was sinful!
SamariinCheers for the achievements and the quest completion :)
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ViibouThanks for the Mythic shenanigans peeps. Skreef survived LFR as well.
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Skuush   Cheers for organising matey, went smooth!
Aurna   Yep thanks for organising it for us all!
SkuushBe a wee bit later than 8. On the plane from Belfast atm. 830 ish
Viibou   naughty boy
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