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AurnaWe're just looking at possible Raid Schedules for Tomb - Feedback from everyone would be...
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Druias   This is probably the first time I've managed to have a main, so I'm there with the rest of the people here and sticking to the toon. :)
Bentenn   I'd stick to my main on raids most of the time also. Ofc supporting alt raids aswell, or give it a bash on the mage, if the raid composition lets it. So i guess a half dedicated raiding alt?:) As for schedules, i'd prefer the alt mondays instead of other raid nights.
Khable   I'm still very much enjoying spriest, I think the spec is in a really good place atm. Fun to play and good damage. However I am also very much enjoying my frost mage. So if there are alt raids I might want to join on that.
Bentenn   published Nighthold Cleared on Heroic! on News
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SkuushWill be on just at 8pm :) K and Stuff
AurnaAs mentioned in the Raid tonight, a few folks have asked about swapping Mains for Tomb of Sargeras (Next Raid) and then we can continue to do NH for now to help them catch up.

If you are thinking of a change please reply below with Class and Spec and roughly how geared they are and we'll see if we can make it work!
Kaboomadorfa   In a surprise to absolutely no-one I am thinking of changing. Havoc DH has become incredibly 1...
Telás   Depending on availability I would like to switch to the Druid, either Resto or Bear.
Aurna   I am considering swapping to my priest, not enjoyed the hunter for a while now. It'd be Holy not Shadow so need to see if this is viable.
SkuushYo Could we have a raid sign up for Monday and Wednesday next week plx!
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Samariin   Sorted
Aurna   Thanks for sorting this x
BeliadinI think a lot of people might have guessed, but there has been a good reason for us missing a few raids lately... Mel is pregnant and has been suffering really badly from (Morning) sickness. We're expecting our first child on 6th of November!

Jury is still out on nepotism in guild ranks and on future role, but could be melee dps.

Thank you to everyone who's been in touch with worries, best wishes and just general awesomness. It's very, very much appreciated.
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Edragon   awesome news, Gratz!!! :D
Khable   Also: Ranged DPS. You will be dealing with various projectile attacks in the near future.
Aurna   Lol Khable - thanks for that mental image :o
HyperhotzYo Admins!, we need an event up for Wednesday's Raid so we know who is able to make it :) .
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Bentenn   I'll put one up :)
Aurna   Thanks so much Jen
Edragon   Nice image Jen
SkuushThanks guys! Just Karazhan runs to do next, maybe next weekend?
Khable   That quest we did in Vault has another step in Maw of souls mythic, so you're not all done :p
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SkuushHi Guys, It would be cool to run a couple of Mythics to do some quests on either Friday (tomorrow) or Sat nite (About 8pm UK time) Ive got some quests in Karazhan, Eye of Azshara, Cordana Felsong in the Vault. Some good old fashioned quest nuking - happy to do others too, post interest and availability below!
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Hyperhotz   Tonight btw ^^
Skuush   Ok cool will be on in twenty mins or so, see wots what and whos about
Aurna   Hey Skreefs sorry we won't be about, been a week of sickness and now Martin's parents are visiting for the weekend. Good Luck on your runs!
SamariinAwesome run tonight! Gul'dan be napping in no time! Oh right, I got my effin trinket,now I need to find something else to whine about.
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Viibou   im sure you will....!!!
Samariin   Then I choose you Pikabou.
Aurna   Grats, Chris did tell me you got it, well chuffed for you!
SamariinWell done people :)
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Aurna   Thanks Sam, we missed you!
KaboomadorfaAttention artifact appearance hunters:


The requirement "Complete 100 dungeons while using your Hidden Artifact appearance" to unlock Hidden Artifact appearance color variant 2 has been reduced from 100 to 30 dungeon completions.
Developers’ notes: The time and effort required for this Hidden Artifact unlock wasn’t consistent with the other two color unlocks. Additionally, now that Challenge Artifact appearances are in the game, requiring you to continue using your Hidden Artifact appearance (which can't be transmogged into the more prestigious Challenge appearance) for 100 dungeons was too much.
Bonus Event
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Aurna   Shiney!
Viibou   [link]
Samariin   Run this to track progress: /run local num=0 local howmany=0 for i=1,11 do local _,_,_,x,y = GetAchievementCriteriaInfo(11152,i) num=num+x howmany=y end print (num.."/"..howmany.." Dungeons")
AurnaGoing 30mins tonight later tonight, remember it's Patch Day, update addons, fix UI's etc in the spare 30mins
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