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ViibouIts Spearys Birthday in April 2018 (tis a round one) and shes invited everyone over for the do. She asked me to create an event on the 21st April, please check it out and register interest there. Lets also bring it up before Wednesdays raid and have a little chat.
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AurnaWe're still waiting for folks to sign/decline for tonight - please have a peek so we know if we have a team!
AurnaUpdated Raid Times - As the team is smaller now we're running from 9pm Server Time to 11pm Server Time!
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Takkapewchew   Hoping to get back involved soon, this new timing will certainly help
Aurna   Yay, glad it helps - hope bedtimes are starting to go smoother!
RhondhaHappy Sleptember zzzzzzz
Skuush   Stay home, Stay in bed, Make a Difference!
Avet   For me, it's not that Sleptember, hehe. There are few of us still quite awake, still not giving into Emerald dream. Anyways, Argus is not anymore quite a challenge once you're used to terrain, especially in Antoran Wastes. There are few interesting plot twists, especially for shadow priests and their evil artifact weapon... Strangely, it still didn't betray us, tho I feel it uses lies of omission... I don't know, we shall see what will come at the end.

There are few points you need to pass, there are things you need to do, Mac'Aree awaits you, once you pass the tedious bits. The lore is nice, the density of the hostiles not so much but it is actually worth waking up from the slumber. Bottomline is... I sincerely don't know why Blizz made ToS, 'cause kinda, it seems obsolete now... even lorewise, still, it's time to wake up.
Samariin   Get back!
BalsáGoing on holiday for a week starting today so i wont be able to come to any events.
Hyperhotz   Hope you have a nice time bud! :)
Skuush   Enjoy man dinga!
AvetHappy birthday Ed :). I hope you have much fun today :).
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Viibou   Happy Birthday Ed, I think we have the correct day now :D
Edragon   Thank you! Hope to see you in-game asap! ^^ (idd it's the correct day :D )
Edragon   added 30 Advanced days to Hakuna Matata
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Aurna   Thanks so much Ed x
SamariinCheers for the fun tonight!
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AvetHappy birthday, Volty :). May your days be merry and life filled with joy and good health. Btw, Mishki's safeguarding Moulenrouge for you... just in case you change your mind :) <3. Happy birthday, dear.
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Aurna   Huge Happy Birthday, hope you have a fabulous day x
Skuush   Happy Birthday matey!
Mishki   Just realised that correct spelling is Moulinrouge. Try to safe this one too for you. I was wondering how no one picked up this name, hmmm, better to check google next time. Happy birthday mate, though im a bit late for this stuff as always. :D
ViibouGreat run again, I think we can safely say that ToS Normal is on farm.
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Skuush   Awesome leading and general all round coolness!
ViibouM+ events all over the place. On the web, in-game calendar and on disco(soon). Let us know if you are able or want to attend.
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Skuush   Cheers Vii, I'll check calendar and diary and sign up where I can
ViibouAwesome job last night guys.
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Skuush   Was A smooth run, fun, laughs and light-hearted plus Great Communication throughout the team, We'll need all of that for Heroic!
SamariinSorry about yday, I've caught a cold or something and fell asleep on the couch :/
Hyperhotz   There was only 3 of us Sam, and I had to pull out yesterday afternoon. So Matt decided to do other stuff so it was all good :) .
Samariin   Imma blame Matt then. Bad Matt.
Chiqi   noooooooo :'(
ViibouThe M+ events which I just cancelled were only to check on what days most people could attend.

We are going to put a few M+ events for the next few weeks on SATURDAYS and SUNDAYS to give folks time to sign up. Those two days were the ones where most had time.
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Aurna   Thanks so much for organising this!
Aurna   published ToS - Normal - Cleared! on News
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