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AurnaHuge Happy Birthday to our Mr B xx
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Mishki   Merry Birthday bud, have a nice birtday day! :D
Avet   Already told you what needed to be said in the Bday email... Anyways, I'm keeping your bday prezzie on behalf of Hakuna Matata when you manage to log in in the game... Hope you had the biggest bday cake piece and remember, there are some silly people out there that went with you through thick and thin and care for you. Enjoy your time with your family, be healthy, lucky and have life filled with love.
Avet   Godammit, forgot the tune, the link, for your bday... I'm getting older, bah, anyways, here it is [link] I know, you already heard the email one, but you deserve this one as well :).
Aurna   added 30 Advanced days to Hakuna Matata
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Grimwave   registered to Hakuna Matata
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Avet   Welcome :). And mind you, you'll meet many types of people here, but mind you, they are either as DC Comics or Marvel heroes, antiheroes or superheroes... Nevertheless, either you're a Batman or Superman, either you're Daredevil or Punisher... you'll find your home here :). Welcome and happy New Year. :)
GrimwaveHello everyone :)
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Mishki   Hello and Merry New Year!
Skuush   Welcome aboard! Good to have you with us - Ill need to trade Book titles with you :)
Aurna   Welcome to HM :) Happy New Year too!
ViibouVery nicely done on the Website :)
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AvetHappy birthday Lhiris! Have fun today, have awesome cake, good friends beside you and just be joyful and happy. When you're done with the festivities (family obligations and fun stuff) come back to Azeroth and Argus, don't fret too much about Pawn weights and Best in Slot advised by How to Priest, just come and kick some demon fel arses :)... You know you can do that, after you eat some awesome tasty cake and have your party :). Have fun and be merry and joyful.
Aurna   Huge Happy Birthday Hun! xx
Skuush   Have a Great day!
ViibouAs Miss Avet has been a little premature(no comments) its a lovely point to tell everyone to check your account timezone on the following page.


This is the reason why Birthdays are showing 1 day too early for most that arent synced to website time. Complete your infor and it should be ok.
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Aurna   Make sure you fill in the Location and Timezone!
AvetHappy birthday, Chris. May your life is filled with good health, luck and love and awesome people like Hakuna Matata, your guildmates are. Have an awesome time today, don't be so proper and filled with decorum and idea of duty... Just be silly today, for all of us, be joyful and happy, eat the largest piece of cake (don't mind kids, just eat it, tis your birthday, after all) and relax, do what you like the most... remember, even though we're the virtual ones, we're there with u, just thinking silly and fun thoughts, wishing u the best time. Happy birthday, dear, and remember to check your email on Calodan (don't you dare not to ignore it :)). Happy birthday from us all, muppet. (Btw, if Im writing this message prematurely, blame the website calendar, not me lol).
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Aurna   Huge Happy Birthday Mr C! Hope you have a fabulous day!
Telás   Thank you! And also a big thank you for my lovely pressies :)
SkuushIf anyone needs Rezira the Seer for the Commander of Argus Achiev let me know - I can open zee portal!
SkuushThanks for the Mythic fun last nite! Two good teams going for giggles, banter and Gear. Makes Hakuna Matata proud!
AvetOur dear Matt, happy birthday. Be joyful and have a wonderful day (and ofc, some cake is mandatory).
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Chiqi   website gone weird again huh?, its tomorrow but thanks anyway :D
Skuush   Happy Bitrhday Senior Chiqi chappie!
Aurna   Happy Birthday Mr Matt <3
AvetFor all those interested in history of shadow priest knife Xal'athat The Lost Codex made another brilliant video about it. In this video you can see the glimpses of what is to come in the next expansion and to be honest, I'm amazed with Xal'athat superb characterization in this video.
Holocore revised: The story of Xal'atath, Blade of the Black...
Welcome back to another episode of the Holocore! Today we re...
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Aurna   published ToS Heroic Cleared! and more... on News
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AvetHappy birthday, Vii. May you have all the fun and more than you could possibly imagine. Take a breath today, enjoy yourself and just be merry. You are one of the reasons why this world is worth saving and this life is worth living, no matter how silly it may sound... People like you prove that decency, being polite, being insightful, being concerned about other people you encounter is actually making an impact, even tho Kardashians are still an issue (hehe, yes, I did it, I actually typed it, eeew). Just be happy today and know that we are with you, cheering and being happy 'cause at this date you were born. Thank you for being you and have fun. The song from me to you is [link] I hope you'll like this fusion between old and new.
Brian Reitzell feat. Debbie Harry & Shirely Manson - "Tehran...
"Tehran 1979" was written and performed by Brain Reitzell, D...
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Hyperhotz   Happy B-Day auld yin :)
Skuush   Happy Buffday buddy!
Mishki   As always im late, but happy birthday mate!
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