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SkuushJust a small note here, before I stick a thingy up (that doesn't sound good eh?) Any interest this...
Telás   Sam is home this weekend so unlikely I will get on much. Have a great time and good luck!
Skuush   No worries, Unlikely to get this going for this weekend. I might put an event up for next weekend then or one of the off nights and see if interest builds, give peeps some time to reply etc. Cheers for those who got back to me!
Chiqi   sorry didn't reply earlier, might be about tomorrow.
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AurnaCan everyone coming to Tomb of Sargeras please set up their Best in Slot Lists in the following...
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ElgnomentaryPatch day! Woo!
World of Warcraft 7.2.5 Patch Notes
The official 7.2.5 Patch Notes are here! Patch 7.2.5 is hitting live servers June 13 and Blizzard published the full patch notes. 7.2.5 is con...
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AurnaWe've re-organised the Guild Bank slightly.

Anything that has sat there for a few months has been...
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AurnaWe'll be having a quick chat about HM's plans for Tomb of Sargeras tonight on Discord around 8pm. I...
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Speareri would like to start to join in if i can but dont think i am high enough gear wise please advise
Bojzi   I don't want to speak for other people, but I think that we should mathematically be able to carry...
Skuush   Hi Speary, wed love as always to have you along, never mind about gear levels etc. Its not as...
Spearer   fabulous thanks guys xx will try and starting working on those and then will sign up and you can...
BeliadinRaid tonight is cancelled! Due to illness and real life, we do not have enough people.

Sorry and...
TelásHey all! Miss you
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Skuush   Yo C, having some sun tan man?
Aurna   Hope you're having a fab time away!
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AurnaWe're just looking at possible Raid Schedules for Tomb - Feedback from everyone would be appreciated!

- How many people want to raid on a dedicated Alt for Tomb?
- How many can commit to an additional Raid Night perhaps twice a month for Alt Raids?
- How many would prefer to use 2x Monday Nights a month for Alt Raids instead?

We'll also be doing a few natterings over the next two weeks on Discord regarding Alts, Raids, Loot and whatnot - if you are interested check Disco - we'll try put times up in the morning!
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Bojzi   This is probably the first time I've managed to have a main, so I'm there with the rest of the people here and sticking to the toon. :)
Bentenn   I'd stick to my main on raids most of the time also. Ofc supporting alt raids aswell, or give it a bash on the mage, if the raid composition lets it. So i guess a half dedicated raiding alt?:) As for schedules, i'd prefer the alt mondays instead of other raid nights.
Khable   I'm still very much enjoying spriest, I think the spec is in a really good place atm. Fun to play and good damage. However I am also very much enjoying my frost mage. So if there are alt raids I might want to join on that.
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