Important Info

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

Originally Founded:

15th February 2010


PvE: Questing, Dungeons, Adventures and both Mains & Alt Raid Teams for Normal and Heroic Modes. with a view to Raiding, PvP: While not our main focus, we do have folks that love Battlegrounds and occasional Arena's. We also have Achievement Hunters, Pet Battlers and some folks nuts about Crafting etc.

We’re basically a try anything kinda place - come and be part of something and have fun while doing it!

Age Bracket:

Mature with a Great Sense of Humor. Drama free. We’re a 18+ environment.

Mission Statement

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12


This is the most important word for us as a Guild. 'We killed that big, nasty bugger', 'We were all wetting ourselves with laughter when...', 'We are getting ready to go do...'

'We' matter. We, the people sitting behind the screens (as opposed to the game characters) and we want to create a place for like-minded people to have fun together, in and around the games that interest us.

We want to be a part of your on-line life and you to be a part of ours, we want to get to know you and we want to have you along for our next epic adventure. That is our mission.

[HM] is an online Guild Community based in Europe.

While we’re social, family folks we also have ambition to do our best, and get there together as a team. We are a community consisting of a wide variety of gamers. We aren’t defined by age, gender, or nationality as players.

We don't do drama, we're all grown up and although we all act like kids, we're mature. Physical age means very little on the internet, anyone acting like a spoilt kid simply won't fit in our community. In a diverse community like ours, we get folks from all walks of life, each with their own likes, dislikes and opinions - appreciate them, debate differences with them but above all respect them.

First and foremost we are a social guild, this means you have to be social – both in game and on our website. Let us get to know you! even the mad bits :) and get to know us. We all share a passion for online gaming that we can take part in together.

We're proud of our community tag and don't tolerated folks making us look bad, we ask that you treat folks around you the way you want to be treated, it makes for a much better atmosphere and makes whatever game we're all playing that much more enjoyable.

As with anything in life, you only get what you put in. We actively encourage folks to join in, take part, throw idea’s in the pot. We’re creating a community and a silent community is no community at all.

So whatever your style: if you are easy going with a mature outlook and a cracking sense of humour looking for a place to call home with like minded mad folk to tackle anything that gets thrown at us and be proud of the community we all contribute to - then HM is the place for you.

Guild Rules

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12


1. Members may not use cheats, hacks or exploits.

2. Adhering and upholding of the Guild's Code of Conduct applies to all guild members regardless of whether you are a member for 7 minutes, 7 days or even 7 years.

3. Members are expected to behave in a mature, professional, team-centric but fun manner, regardless if they are in guild groups or public groups. Self-focused, loot-focused, or immature people will not be tolerated.

4. Chat Channels & Mumble – we don't tolerate any of the following:

  • Begging whether it's for items, gold boosts etc.
  • Limit your swearing
  • "Leet” Speak
  • Putting others down
  • None of the following: racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism or locker room behaviour
  • Languages other than English (if you want to chat in another language please do it in whisper or another channel)
  • Grammar police* (please be aware that English is not everyone's main language)
  • Sales pitches, we have a Trading Post/AH for that
  • Folks not saying hello or goodbye!

5. Any issues or problems which cannot be sorted on a one-to-one basis between the parties involved should be brought to the attention of the Council. Publicly complaining, turning folks against guild members or personal attacks are not tolerated.

6. Stealing, scamming or "ninja'ing” loot/items from anyone, guild member's or otherwise is not permitted.

7. Don't take it all too seriously, we're here to have fun and enjoy the games we play together.

8. Include everyone. We won't have clique's forming in the guild and invites to take part in dungeons, PvP etc. should be guild wide.

Code of Conduct

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

We're a small tight knit community that only accepts members who support and follow our core guild rules, share our goals and uphold our values; anyone unable to do this is simply removed.

These standards go hand in hand with our core guild rules but they bear repeating so all future members understand what we expect from them. Those standards of conduct include, but are not limited to:

1. We're all about the person. While we are all here to share a purpose and have fun while we play, we like to get to know people and forge friendships. You could say we're like an extended family. When you join us, please introduce yourself in the Intro Forums!

2. Respect your guildies. All is well when having a laugh and a joke with people, but please be aware that not everyone shares the same sense of humour and occasionally things go too far. Appreciate that we are a multi-national community and that certain topics of conversation can offend folks.

3. Mind your P's and Q's. Be respectful with your language. We don't tolerate members who excessively are disrespectful with their language, for example and not limited to racial slurs, derogatory comments based on gender or sexual orientation, berating other players about their level of skill, excessive swearing for no reason, etc.

4. We're proud of Us. We want to be well regarded with those in the community around us.  It's important to us that we're seen as friendly and courteous, actions that bring disrepute upon the guild will not be tolerated. We won't have trolls or people flaming folks inside or out of the guild. What you do reflects not only on you, but on the guild as a whole.

5. We don't enforce any particular play style. We're a diverse bunch and everyone has different tastes, and while we try and encourage folks to try new things and take part, we understand if folks don't enjoy or feel comfortable with a particular style of play. We don't tolerate people mocking those who have differing styles. As a guild our aim is to one day support end-level PvE and PvP in competitive and casual styles.

6. We're an active community, do your bit and join in! A lot of hard work goes into organising events and other activities, support them by joining in. While we're all family folks here with lives away from our PC's and attendance is never expected, a certain amount of common courtesy goes a long way. If you cannot make an event for whatever reason – please decline it so we know not to expect you. Selecting Maybe might be useful to you, it makes it hard for us to judge whether an event should be moved to a different night.

7. The Council. All decisions regarding the community are decided upon by our Council. The Council is made of folks who generously donate their time to make sure the community runs smoothly, has plenty of events to partake in and that there is always someone around to help.

Please remember that they also want to play the game, they are not here solely to keep people entertained and while they will help in any way that they can, it's at their discretion and might not be immediately.

8. Guild Admittance. Among us we have been known to harbor just a few alt addicts, we don't mind folks having armies of alts at all; we just ask that you let us know which are yours. We also welcome friends and family members to the guild, we just that they still apply via the forum so we can get a measure of who they are as a person. We treat each person as their own entity and any friends/family that don't adhere to our code of conduct, will be removed.

9 . Website is the heart of our community. As we all have real lives, and varied play times, our website is the uniting factor. A lot of hard work and money goes into the website, and we want folks to be active on it. Just logging in isn't enough, we want to know what you think and what you like or don't like. There is a variety of ways you can interact on the website from the chat box, forums, the main wall, the gallery and the list goes on.

All changes, news and events are posted on the website, and everyone is expected to use it. Be social, take part. If not you will miss out on important bits and pieces.

10 . Inactivity. We are a small community and every person counts. Everyone needs a break now and again or has things that crop up in real life which renders them unable to play. Because we are about the person, be nice and either contact and member of the Council or post in the AFK forum to let us know that you'll be away and how long you reckon you'll be gone for.

Discord Rules

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

The same rules above apply to Discord, I just wanted to mention a few things specific however.

1. Discord is for use by any guild member. While we do have separate rooms so that folks can concentrate, please don’t leave someone stranded on their own. We’re an all inclusive package and social guild and it’s hard to be social on your own.

2. Discord is used for all Events: Raids, Dungeons, PvP and even random nattering. If you aren’t currently doing that content, you are welcome to still join us on mumble to listen and join in, but please be aware that we might be trying to concentrate and don’t speak over someone trying to Raid Lead or a group trying to do something.

3. If you go AFK for more than 15/20minutes and are on Discord, please remember to pop yourself into the AFK Room, that way we don’t natter to you and get no answer (and feel like muppets talking to an empty PC Chair :D).

4. If you are hosting an Event with real life family or friends like a LAN Party or something similar, you are welcome to use our Discord server. All we ask is that you notify us in advance that you wish to use it, we’ll create a temporary room for you for the night/weekend and that you ask your guests not to use our server when the event has finished, unless they join the guild that is.

Guild Banks

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

HM has always run an extremely well stocked Guild Bank. This has been done solely through the participation and generosity of our guild members!

So how does the guild bank work?

Simply put it's a "if you put in, you can take out" policy. Anything put into a Guild Bank is considered donated to the Guild. We try and always keep them stocked full of useful bits like Item Upgrades and will use any raw materials deposited towards these.

Some gentle rules guidelines regarding the bank:

  • While you can use Guild Bank materials to level professions/crafting, we ask that you don't use it for powerleveling.. We just don't have enough materials for everyone to do this, so please be sensible and don't empty it out all in one shot. By all means take what you need, within reason but, if you can of course, put a little of something back in.
  • Any raw materials can be turned into useful items like enchants, feasts etc which can help benefit the guild during guild events etc. or help guildies make the upgrades received on a guild event 'sparkle'.
  • A lot of guildies used their cool downs to make rare items for the Bank, help them out by supplying the raw materials needed.
  • We don't want to limit folks from using stuff from the GB on alts, just please be sensible about it. We're not here to cater solely for one person.
  • If you are unlucky enough to have your account hacked, your bank privileges will be removed until you can guarantee your account is safe once again.
  • Don't ever take something out and attempt to sell it or take mats to to craft something and sell it, this will result in immediate removal from the guild.
  • Guild Bank Items are only for Toons who exist solely in HM.

This system only works if people contribute, no one likes farming but if everyone does a little then it's not a chore for any one person.

Any funds donated to the guild bank are used to replenish what we're in need of most. If you want to help out and aren't sure what to go farming for, please ask! Or check the Guild Bank Weekly Wish List on the forum.

This is how the GB works, you put in - you get to take out, Simples.



Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

This website and our Discord server are the corner stones in turning an in-game guild into a community of people having fun together. In the forums, you can find tips, some pretty dodgy jokes and all the events we have planned for you to take part in.  On Discord, well, you get to swap more dodgy jokes and laugh with guildies. I think it could also be used to coordinate dungeon or adventure runs, but that part is still unconfirmed...

As of now, Discord is free to use and the website is covered by our Enjin plan and this costs around $30/month. 

If you want to help out, visit the donate box on the Home Page – any help is always appreciated. Although you do not have to put your name to a donation, anyone choosing not to donate anonymously will also get the ‘Donator’ tag which is visible on their profiles and when they post on the forum.

Any funds donated via the website go towards paying for our website. No funds are 'siphoned off' or used for anything outside of guild.

The Hard Word

Aurna posted Jan 1, 12

I truly hope we never have to action any of the following, but in the unhappy event that we do – anyone not adhering to the Guild’s Code of Conduct or Rules will be dealt with as follows:

1. Informal Warning – You are cautioned or spoken to by a Council Member regarding the issue. This can be from a chat in game to a chat on Discord.

2. Formal Warning – You are sent a written message on the website about the issue, and asked to come into game or onto Discord for a chat with a member of the Council.

3. Removal from Guild - If the behaviour persists or gets worse, we have no choice but to part ways.

We will always try keep to this 3 step approach, and any Council member speaks wholly for the guild. If the issue is exceptionally severe, the Council Member might resort to immediate removal of the person involved.

If you are unhappy with the person dealing with the issue you are free to ask for the matter to be dealt with by another Council member or the Guild Leader.

Once someone has been removed for not adhering to the way the community works, they will not be allowed back under any circumstances.