Dungeon Guide:

Bloodmaul Slag Mines

Bloodmaul Slag Mines is the first of the new Dungeons available in Warlords of Draenor and is aimed at level 90-92 players. Located in Frostfire Ridge on Draenor. It has four bosses and is available in Normal, Heroic and Challenge Modes.

On this page you'll find tactics for each boss, the achievement list, garrison quests, tactics video and map.

  • Players: 5
  • Level: 90 - 92, Dungeon Finder: 90 - 100
  • Heroic Mode: Level 100
  • Challenge Mode: Level 100.

Boss 1 - Magmolatus (Elemental) & Gog'duh (Ogre)

The fight begins with you fighting Gog'duh, an Ogre in charge of keeping hold of Magmolatus. He will initially calls in elementals, which should be tanked and spanked. Once he is near death, Magmolatus will be next to attack.

You know what they say about Ogres who are passionate for a Curry or Two...


  1. Firestorm - ignites an area causing 5000 damage to all nearby players, every 2 secs for 6 secs.
    ( Interruptable)
  2. Dancing Flames & Withering Flames - ‘Jumping Dots’ which ignite players with 3000 fire damage every 2 secs for 6 secs, while spreading to other players. Causes cast/attack and movement speed to be reduced by 25%
  3. Rough Smash - 20 000 DMG in a frontal cone attack.
  4. Slag Smash - 14 000 DMG in an area around Magmalatus + Stun for 3 secs.

DPS - Defeat Elementals, interrupt Firestorm ability, Kill Molten elemental adds.

Healers - Dispel Dancing Flames & Withering Flames.

Tanks - Position boss effectively to avoid hitting the group with cone and AOE attacks.

Boss 2 - Crushto (Ogre)

A Nasty Earthcrusher who calls in slave miners to help him in his efforts to kill you!

To Crush? or Not to Crush?, THAT is this Ogre's question!


  1. Earth Crush - 75% of normal melee damage to all targets in front + Stun for 2 sec.
  2. Ferocious Yell - Increases Crushto's DMG by 10% for 20 sec and weakens the will of nearby miners.
    ( Interruptable)
  3. Wild Slam - Smashes the ground, inflicting 10 000 DMG to all players + knock back.
  4. Crushing Leap - Leap attack, smashing players into the ground. Captured Miners are ordered to attack the affected player.
  5. Raise the Miners - Calls nearby miners to assist in battle.
  6. Captured Miner - Forced to fight for Crushto (some will aid the group though)
  7. Traumatic Strike - 100% weapon damage to target and causes them to take 5% additional damage for 6 sec + bleed which causes 1000 DMG every 2 sec.

Essentially the strategy is simple, players should avoid his Earth Crush, interrupt his Ferocious Yell, and kill miners as they spawn. Tanks do not worry about aggro as the miners are immune and should just be nuked quickly.

DPS - Kill Captured Miners so they do not overwhelm the group. Interrupt Ferocious Yell.

Healers - Concentrate Burst heals on those affected by Crushing Leap.
- Keep Friendly Miners alive to aid dps.

Tanks - Interrupt Ferocious Yell.

Boss 3 - Roltall (Elemental)

A Fire Boulder throwing, Bridge hogging elemental.

He'd be great at a Barbeque though!


  1. Fiery Boulder - Does 15 000 Dmg to all enemies within 8 yards & Rolls forward inflicting 21 000 dmg to all enemies in its path + 1 sec stun.
    • Heroic The boulder will return along the bridge to the boss.
  2. Heat Wave - 3000 Fire Damage per sec & Push back for 8 secs
  3. Burning Slag - 6500 Damage per sec in a targeted area.
  4. Scorching Aura - Reduces cast speed of nearby players by 100%

The fight begins with the boss launching a series of 3 boulders down his bridge. A Fire Area will indicate where these will drop. Players need to avoid them, or be crushed!

The boulders will thrown again in the same order. After the 3rd Boulder, he summons a wave that pushes players away. He also throws out Burning Slag, which the wave can push players into, these should also be avoided.

DPS - Nuke, Avoid Fiery Boulder, Avoid being pushed into the Burning Slag by his Heat Wave.

Healers - Avoid Fiery Boulder. Avoid being pushed into the Burning Slag and group healing is important due to AOE Heat Wave damage.

Tanks - Avoid Fiery Boulder, Avoid being pushed into the Burning Slag by his Heat Wave.

Boss 4 - Gug'rokk (Ogre)

Nasty Brute, who throws molten rock at players and summons slag elementals!

Think the Sweeney - Oy you Slag!


  1. Molten Blast - deals 20 000 Fire damage and adds a stack of Molten Core (Interruptable)
  2. Molten Core - Increased Gug'rokk's Damage by 10% for 1 min. If Gug'rokk reaches 3 stacks, causes Molten Barrage.
  3. Molten Barrage - Gug'rokk explodes with energy, dealing 13 000 damage to all enemies.
  4. Magma Eruption - summons magma at every player's location for 2 min. Each pool inflicts 10 000 Fire damage per tick. AVOID!
  5. Unstable Slag - Summons an Elemental that casts –
    • Unleashed Flames - siphons from a kiln, unleashes fire every 2 sec. Each torrent of fire deals 8000 damage to 2 random players.
    • Empowered Flames - If it reaches a kiln, Empowerment occurs, dealing 9500 damage to ALL players every 3 sec. Kill Priority!
  6. Flame Buffet - Ignites all players, dealing 15000 damage & increases Fire damage taken by 5% for 20 sec.

The elementalist Gug'rokk hurls blasts of molten rock at enemies. He periodically summons unstable slag elementals that slowly move towards a kiln, surging with destructive energy if they are able to reach their goal.

DPS - Interrupt Molten Blast so that Molten Core is avoided. Destroy Slag Elementals ASAP.

Healers - AOE healing may be required if the Slag Elementals reach their respective target.

Tanks - Interrupt Molten Blast so that Molten Core is avoided.

Map & Video (Click to enlarge)



Come With Me If You Want to Live - Defeat Gug'rokk alongside Croman the Barbarian after finding his sword on Heroic difficulty.
Is Draenor on Fire? - Defeat Gug'rokk without killing any Unstable Slag on Heroic difficulty.
A Gift of Earth and Fire - Defeat Magmolatus while Calamity and Ruination are still alive on Heroic difficulty.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines - Defeat Gug'rokk in the the Bloodmaul Slag Mines.
Heroic: Bloodmaul Slag Mines - Defeat Gug'rokk in the the Bloodmaul Slag Mines on Heroic difficulty.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenger - Complete the Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenge Mode.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Bronze - Complete the Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenge Mode with a rating of Bronze or better.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Silver - Complete the Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenge Mode with a rating of Silver or better.
Bloodmaul Slag Mines: Gold - Complete the Bloodmaul Slag Mines Challenge Mode with a rating of Gold -
Reward: Teleport to Bloodmaul Slag Mines.

Credit and thanks to Flaskup.com, Wowhead.com and Margaritiguides.